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Wardens and Guardians



Assay Office Birmingham is not controlled by the trade – unlike the older assay offices and halls which were originally administered by the Guilds – but by a non-exec  board of 6  Wardens who are elected from the 36 Guardians of the Standard of Wrought Plate in Birmingham, of whom not more than nine or less than six may be connected with the trade. Below is a list of Guardians and Wardens of Assay Office Birmingham: 


Carol Brady MBEChairman

Gary WroeWarden

Andrew MortonWarden

Tim ClayWarden

David Clarke DL FCIPRWarden

John Wood DLWarden


Mrs. Carol Brady MBE Ms Michelle Cartwright Mr. James Newman*
Mr. Neil Andrews Mr. David Doyle * Baroness Christine Crawley   
Mr. Daniel Dalton Ms. Helen Miles Mr. John Wood DL
Mr. Tim Clay Mr. Alicky Wibaut Mr. Simon Meddings*
Mr. David Clarke DL Ms. Frances Anderson Mr. Martyn Pugh *
Mr. Stephen Whittaker*    Mr. John Gray   Mrs. Sharon Lea
Mr. David Gregory-Kumar  Mr. Michael Donaldson Mr. Tom Green*
Mr. John Henn* Mrs Kate Hartigan Mr Andrew Morton*
Prof John Heath Ms. Mary Martin Mr. Simon Rea
Mr. Stephen Jones Mr. Charles Smith Mr. Gary Wroe*
Ms. Julie Langford Mr. Alastair Cropp Mr. Peter Stonely
Mr. Andy Harries    

NOTE * Trade Guardian

Names highlighted in bold are Wardens


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