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“Boulton would be proud” Silver Talk - a glittering stroll down AOB's memory lane

“Boulton would be proud” provides an overview of the long history and success of Assay Office Birmingham, since it was founded as a result of Matthew Boulton’s efforts in 1773.

The talk will take a glimpse back into the early history of the Assay Office, the reasons Boulton fought so hard for it and the factors which have driven its growth and survival over the past 243 years.

The main focus will be on the last two decades and the changing market and landscape which have required the Assay Office to diversify, reinventing itself as the AnchorCert Group in a brand new building, within the Jewellery Quarter.Assay Office Birmingham

The Assay Office is the last remaining enterprise founded by Boulton and he would indeed be proud of the continuing passion, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. 

The talk will be delivered by Director of AnchorCert Academy, Marion Wilson, who joined the Assay Office Birmingham in 2000. 

Assay Office Birmingham has a private Silver Collection and Library. Visitors will be able to browse these at the end of the talk.

Assay Office Birmingham Boulton Gallery

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