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International Convention Marks



International Convention Marks

Since 1972 the UK has been a signatory to the International Convention on hallmarks. This means that UK Assay Offices can apply the common control mark which will then be recognised by all member countries in the convention. Conversely, convention hallmarks that have been applied in other member countries are recognised in the UK.

Some of The Assay Office marks of member countries of the Convention are illustrated below. The shield design around the Assay Office mark may vary according to whether the article is gold, silver, platinum or palladium. The key mark to look for is the Common Control Mark. The three other marks must also be present.

Sponsor's or Makers Mark

Common Control Marks

Common Control Marks 

The Member Countries of the Convention are:
Austria The Netherlands
Cyprus Norway
Czech Republic Poland
Denmark Portugal
Finland Slovak Republic
Hungary Slovenia
Ireland Sweden
Israel Switzerland
Latvia United Kingdom

Examples of Assay Office Marks

Assay Office Examples

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Marks

*The hallmark guarantees that the purity of the metal is at least that indicated by the fineness number.




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