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Staff from Assay Office Birmingham recently visited the new building project to see how work was coming along.

Bob the Builders

(Back row, left to right) Andy Left, Matt Turner, Dave Logan, Anu Manchanda, Mark Martin, Emma Rogers, Julie White, Ian Bayley (Front row, left to right) Michelle Cartwright, Kathy McMillen, Rose Nightingale, Donna Hobley, Kelly Fisher

Bricks on New Building

New Building Structure

The 'Decant Team' were given a tour of the site by Alan Miller of Glazzard Architects and Mark Wright from Trebor Developments LLP. The Decant Team are responsible for ensuring that all the key equipment from each individual department moves over from the current building into the new building as safely and securely as possible.

New Building Temporary Roof (Top Floor)

New Building Interior View

Matt Turner, who works in the Accounts department said that the building is progressing really well and being able to get a feeling of where he will be working was really exciting.

New Building Exterior View

[caption id="attachment_10867" align="aligncenter" width="410"]X Marks The Spot! X Marks The Spot! I wonder what exactly will be going here?!?!?![/caption] Matt also mentioned that the building is still on track to be completed by Summer 2015 and as the photographs show, that looks like just the case!




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