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RAPEX, the EU Rapid alert system for dangerous non-food consumer products, has recently revealed a number of jewellery items that were withdrawn from the EU marketplace as they did not comply with the Reach Regulations concerning Nickel Release. Items withdrawn over the last week include earrings and navel piercings, these items released Nickel at a rate far exceeding the legally allowed limit. The Analytical Laboratory offers a unique UKAS Accredited Quick Nickel Release test (2011) and UKAS accredited Full Nickel Release test (EN 1811:2011) to check if items comply with the Nickel regulations. EN 16128:2011 is also offered for testing spectacle frames. The turnaround time for the Quick Nickel service is just 5 working days. New Picture Restrictions on Nickel Release All items which are to be sold in the EU which are intended to come into prolonged and direct contact with the skin must comply with Nickel legislation and not release Nickel above the permitted levels. Compliance is particularly important for items intended to be inserted into the skin as items will pierce the skin and so nickel is more likely to leach into the body. This can cause irreversible Nickel sensitisation. Permitted limits for such items are extremely low.                                                                 What items does the Legislation apply to?   Nickel legislation applies to all items which are intended to come into prolonged and direct contact with the skin. The specific products cited in the EU regulations include: •earrings • necklaces, bracelets, chains, anklets and finger rings; • wrist-watch cases, watch straps and tighteners; • rivet buttons, tighteners, rivets, zippers and metal marks, contained in or intended to be used in garments. This list is not exhaustive and suppliers should consider all items such as buckles for shoes and belts, handbag straps and handles, hair clips, ear pieces etc and assess whether or not the item, or any part of it will be in prolonged and direct contact with the skin during its normal, intended use.

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  Nickel Release testing at The Analytical Laboratory The Analytical Laboratory offers UKAS accredited Full Nickel Release tests: EN 1811:2011 and EN 16128:2011 (for testing spectacle frames) to check if items comply with the Nickel regulations. Alternatively, The Analytical Laboratory can carry out a quicker and cheaper UKAS accredited Quick Nickel Release (2011) test. The Quick Nickel Release test has been validated by significant data and approved by most UK fashion and jewellery retailers. In the majority of cases (more than 98.8%), passing the ‘Quick Nickel test’ indicates that items will pass EN 1811 / EN 12472 and comply with the Nickel Directive. This is an acceptable level of certainty from a scienti?c point of view. The Turnaround Time for Quick Nickel Release testing is just 5 working days. To download a Nickel testing application form click here. For more information on the Quick Nickel Test or to enquire about Nickel testing or any other testing services contact Tim Smith or Steve Franklin on +44 (0)121 262 1017 or email New Picture (1)



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