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A new website ( showcases the expanding services offered by AnchorCert Gem Lab, a division of Assay Office Birmingham and the UK’s leading laboratory for the testing of diamonds, gemstones and pearls.

The AnchorCert Gem Lab is truly independent in its offered services, led by experts in their field. It stands alone as a leading testing and grading centre for diamonds, gemstones and pearls in the UK.

The new AnchorCert Gem Lab website provides information and services online for individuals or businesses seeking diamond, gemstone and pearl reports.

The website links back to the main Assay Office Birmingham site, with cross-site links throughout. This makes it seamless for those seeking hallmarking services to not only find out more, but register for hallmarking online, pay for their own sponsors’ punches and any hallmarking services they require.

While AnchorCertGem Lab is widely known for providing white diamond reports, it also specialises in coloured diamond reports and pearl and gemstone reports.

AnchorCert Gem Lab is seeking to grow its coloured diamond and coloured gemstone reports service and to ensure that the UK industry is fully aware of this.

AnchorCert Gem Lab offers mini reports for loose and mounted diamonds and tanzanites.

In terms of new features, the AnchorCert Gem Lab website has three additional elements.

The first is the extensive Specialist Equipment section which explains what makes AnchorCert Gem Lab unique in the UK. A fascinating reference library of pictures and technical information details the variety of highly technical equipment used by AnchorCert Gem Lab to assess diamonds, gemstones and pearls.

It is important not to underestimate the significance of this in terms of the quality of service offered. AnchorCert Gem Lab is the UK’s only laboratory to have a key piece of equipment -- and the expertise to use it  -- a Raman Spectroscope. This enables testing for a host of stone treatments, such as HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) treatments for diamonds, or simple gemstone identification.

Equipment is as diverse as the pearl X-Ray machine, used to discern whether a pearl is natural, cultured, freshwater or saltwater, or the DiamondSure or DiamondView technology, which tests for synthetic and treated diamonds.

Each stone that passes through the lab is tested to confirm what it is, and whether it has undergone any treatments or enhancements. The lab’s range of highly sophisticated equipment can accurately screen for and identify treated or synthetic diamonds. The combination of technology and the experts highly trained to use it, mean AnchorCert Gem Lab can detect enhancements to gemstones, such as fracture filling, irradiation and laser treatments.

“The second feature of the new site is a digital order form for stone grading reports, enabling visitors to fill in and submit the form online in advance of sending a stone or piece of jewellery in. That way, the gemmologists know what’s upcoming in terms of items for grading,” says Sales & Marketing Director Marion Wilson.

“The third new feature allows visitors to request quotations for reports online, by filling in some details about the stone(s) in question. Visitors can also download a current price list for all services offered by AnchorCert Gem Lab.”

AnchorCert Gem Lab offers laser inscription services for diamonds and gemstones meaning customers can have diamonds and gemstones engraved with a special message or serial number of their choice, along the girdle of the stone.

“All of this takes place in Birmingham’s historical Jewellery Quarter, making the service convenient and easy for UK customers to use,” Marion said.

“Retailers and independent customers have the utmost trust and confidence in AnchorCert Gem Lab reports and can be sure of a rapid turnaround with friendly staff on hand if they have any questions.”

Through the new site, visitors are given full insight into the time and equipment that are used to carefully analyse their stones - rock solid reassurance.

The site also promotes AnchorCert’s additional services, such as its Gemstone Carat Weight estimator app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The easy-to-use app gives stone dealers, valuers, pawnbrokers and retailers the chance to gauge the weight of precious stones in just a few clicks -- the perfect tool for those on-the-go.


The new site has maintained many of its original and popular features, including its regular news blog detailing all of the latest news, events and advances at AnchorCert Gem Lab and at Assay Office Birmingham.

The AnchorCert download centre also remains, offering visitors the chance to download all of the necessary forms for hallmarking and stone grading, as well as gemstone and hallmarking factsheets.

The site also offers step-by-step guides on submitting stones for grading or reports, online glossaries for diamonds and gemstones, and provides a Meet the Experts area, where visitors can find more in-depth articles on gemmological issues.




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