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Delegates on recent courses at AnchorCert Academy have been extremely positive about the quality and relevance of information and feedback has been excellent. Those attending the Buying Antique Jewellery course were very enthusiastic about both its content and delivery. This course which includes handling of many examples of styles, manufacturing methods and gemstones has been reviewed and updated for 2016 and delivers a huge amount of invaluable information in just one day.

The first Customised and Counterfeit Watches course, delivered by highly experienced experts from Fellows Auctioneers, set delegates thinking. They will certainly look at every watch with a whole new level of knowledge going forward. Fellows used many samples to demonstrate the subtleties to be observed and some delegates were surprised, and alarmed by the quality of the counterfeits and the level of customisation. An invaluable course for anyone who has to put a value on a watch for any reason. Investment in this course could pay for itself many times over if it prevents misidentification of a fake, which can be a very expensive mistake, both financially and reputationally.

The same applies to the Academy’s forthcoming “EXPOSED” courses on Synthetic and Treated Diamonds and Treated Coloured Gemstones which again are designed to help prevent expensive mistakes.

Further courses, including the ever popular one day “Understanding” programme which includes topics from Diamonds to Watches are open for booking online.

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24th Apr 2023

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30th Jun 2022

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25th Sep 2018

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City of Wolverhampton wins Touchstone Award 2018

8th Jun 2018

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