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How are you exploiting post-Brexit opportunities?

Whether you were in, out or shook it all about, we’re all working in a climate of uncertainty and opportunities.

And whilst we may not be able to see into the future, we can ensure that our businesses exploit any available commercial prospects that presents itself over the coming weeks.

As precious metal prices continue to climb, so of course, does the worth of your scrap metal.

At AnchorCert Analytical we can provide you with an independent assay report, providing you with the precise fineness of your scrap.

So you get a result you can trust and the return you deserve. All for one transparent, fixed price.




If you’re in the business of buying in watches or jewellery, now’s the time to ensure that you and your team have the skills to find the fakes and bag the bargains.

AnchorCert Academy provides unique, relevant and topical one-day courses, not available anywhere else in the trade, all delivered by industry experts.

Our courses are designed specifically to provide retailers and their teams with vital knowledge to help seal every possible deal.


Academy Director Marion Wilson understands the dilemma for retailers: “When prices are volatile and consumer confidence low, it is more important than ever that staff are really confident when assessing and selling product. The temptation is to pull back on the two drivers which set most successful businesses apart: training and marketing spend. You don’t need to search very hard online to find experts and gurus advising businesses to invest in these two key areas. When the going gets tough, you need engaged, knowledgeable staff to sell when times are tough. You also need them to be at the top of their game to ensure that any items bought into your business are absolutely the real McCoy.”


Detailed commercially focused diamond course, led by Claire Connelly, a highly experienced diamond buyer and seller and former member of London Diamond Bourse.  
Delegates will examine stones under Claire’s supervision to identify the tell-tale signs to look out for when checking diamonds, many of which are visible to an educated eye with a 10 x loupe. Attendance on this course should be viewed as a significant investment in your business; it could prevent staff from expensive mistakes which can occur if a treated or synthetic diamonds is not correctly identified.

Retail-focused and on-trend, this course is delivered by life-long enthusiast Gwyn Green, a tutor, gemmological expert and personal collector of gemstones. 
Gwyn exudes enthusiasm and knowledge, and illustrates her courses with typical examples to bring gemstone issues to life for delegates. With the increase in treatments, many irreversible, there are a large number of gemstones on the market which have been legitimately treated. It is vital that retailers recognise and understand the impact of the treatments, what needs to be disclosed and what is not legitimate.

Counterfeits, fakes and forgeries are laid bare in this course, led by industry experts Adrian Hailwood and Geoff Whitefield from Fellows Auctioneers, both of whom assess high-end watches on a daily basis. 
These items are both a status symbol and an addictive fascination for many collectors. There are some wonderful pre-owned examples to be found, but replicas and hybrid “Franken” watches made from genuine components are increasingly common. Not being able to spot the difference can be embarrassing and costly – both financially and reputationally. Delegates on this course gain from a share in their knowledge, a very worthwhile investment, especially in uncertain times when fraudsters are more active.

For more information, visit, email us at or call a member of our team on the contact details below.
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Vikki Vallender, Business Development Manager: 07702 260895
Steve Franklin, Business Development Executive: 0121 262 1017
Sophie Nicholls, Commercial Assistant: 0121 262 1061
Kelly Fisher, Training & Events Co-ordinator: 0121 262 1320 



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