Protecting the Consumer and Servicing
the Trade with Independence and Integrity

Since synthetic diamonds first appeared in the commercial market in the 1950’s, the quality and scale of production has increased dramatically with techniques now able to produce stones in high volume and in extreme cases in excess of 10 carats.

With continuing advances in production technology making it ever easier to produce laboratory-grown diamonds using either High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) processes, research suggests that the volume expected in the marketplace is set to increase considerably over the coming decade, giving rise to consumer and retailer
concerns about undisclosed stones entering the supply chain.

Offering customers the choice of a lower price point option, providing retailers better profit margins and filling supply shortages, they do have a place in the market, but it is essential that where they are sold, they are correctly disclosed at every stage. As synthetic diamonds are chemically equal to real diamonds, accurate detection using visual techniques is not always possible, even for an expert. This requires confidence in the supply chain and confidence in the skills and equipment available to the laboratory reporting and grading diamonds.

AnchorCert Gem Lab has the required combination of gemmology knowledge, experience and advanced specialist spectroscopic testing equipment essential in the positive detection of Synthetic and Natural Diamonds and the evolving sophisticated range of diamond treatments.

All stones submitted for grading undergo a thorough screening process, before they are graded for colour and clarity. 



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