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De Beers Group’s latest course ‘Synthetic Diamond Detection’, is to be held at the Birmingham Assay Office on Tuesday 26th March 2019.

The one-day intensive course has been designed by, De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds, in response to the rise in synthetic diamonds and the risk they pose to the integrity of the jewellery industry.  Although lab-grown diamonds do have commercial benefits and opportunities, natural diamonds made from finite natural resources are far more valuable.  The critical challenge to the industry and consumers is when synthetic diamonds are passed off as real ones.

Marion Wilson, Director of AnchorCert Academy, Birmingham Assay Office’s educational division said: “We understand the need to ensure the integrity of the industry against synthetic diamonds and greatly support De Beers Group’s aim to enhance the industry’s confidence in synthetic detection. We are therefore very pleased to be hosting the Synthetic Diamond Detection course here at the Birmingham Assay Office, at a special reduced price of $600 instead of the normal price of $800”.

Krishna Powar, Senior Gemologist at AnchorCert’s Gem Lab, commented: “Once again parcels have been found with lab-grown diamonds mixed with natural stones, causing angst throughout the industry. This growing concern, with lab-grown diamonds being impossible to identify without testing every stone, is just one of several factors challenging the integrity of diamonds at present”.

This is the motivation behind Synthetic Diamond Detection course, with the group aiming to enhance pipeline integrity and consumer confidence in the jewellery industry by arming their course delegates with practical and theoretical knowledge about how to detect lab-grown diamonds and the best way to protect their own businesses from the rise of the synthetic.

The course looks at detailed information on HPHT and CVD production methods which can, in turn, be used to demonstrate visual techniques for the identification of synthetic diamonds and simulants.  Delegates will spend time completing practical exercises on studying a wide range of selected products including HPHT and CVD diamonds and using verification equipment. 

As well as leading the way with the first-ever synthetic diamond detection educational course, De Beers Group are also at the forefront of technological advancements in the detection of lab-grown diamonds. In September 2018, De Beers Group released a new screening device called SYNTHdetect, specifically designed for retailers to allow them to quickly and efficiently test to the authenticity of any diamonds they purchase. The Birmingham Assay Office will be launching their own SYNTHdetect service later this month.

De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds intermediate one-day intensive course, Synthetic Diamond Detection, is being held on Tuesday 26th March 2019, 8.45-17.00 at Birmingham Assay Office, 1 Moreton Street, Birmingham, B1 3AX.  To book a place on this course please visit and enter code BAO_SDD to take advantage of $200 discount.



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