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  All will become clear in February 2013 when Thinktank's newest gallery opens in Birmingham. The Assay Office has sponsored the Treasure section of the We Made It gallery, which focuses on precious possessions made from gemstones and precious metals. The new Gallery also includes sections called Nuts and Bolts, which focuses on Birmingham’s role in making iron and steel goods, Tins and Things, in which visitors will discover why the West Midlands is the home of aluminium production and decorative glass, and Gadgets, which features inventions that have changed everyday life, from cameras to mobile phones.   We Made It features more than 20 interactive exhibits that show how and why Birmingham became known as ‘the workshop of the world’. The journey is illustrated by around 1,200 intriguing objects from Birmingham’s world-renowned manufacturing and natural science collections, and contemporary products made or designed in the city. Visitors will find out what links a car and a cow, what makes treasure like jewellery valuable, why we use certain types of packaging, and how products are held together.   Janine Eason, who is Director of Learning & Exhibitions at Thinktank said: ‘We are extremely excited about the opening of the We Made It gallery.Birmingham and the region have such a rich history of manufacturing and it will be fascinating for families to explore this through science and interactive exhibits. Whether it’s examining real gemstones through a microscope or helping to assemble an actual Mini, there is something for everyone.’   The We Made It gallery has been created with funding provided by a range of charitable bodies and foundations including the Heritage Lottery Fund, Millennium Point, SITA Trust and The Birmingham Assay Office.   We've been given a sneak preview of the new Gallery (it's still under construction) and the new interactive exhibits, which are colourful, fun, and will really bring the history of Birmingham's manufacturing and industry to life to visitors of all ages. There will be a Hallmarking interactive exhibit, a jeweller's workshop and much more. We had a go at building a mini and comparing the weight of two bikes depending on what metal they are made from.   The Assay Office will also be taking part in a series of Meet The Expert events at Thinktank next year in February and October. We will bring you regular updates on the launch of We Made It as they happen. You can also follow Thintank's blog about the new gallery at  



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