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Marketing and Selling for Success BJA Logo Supporting designers to grow their companies is key to the BJA’s remit and its latest series of Seminars entitled ‘You are the Business’ have been designed specifically for craftspeople who want to also become business people. The day-long Seminars, which are entitled ‘Marketing your Business’ and ‘Selling Successfully’ will be staged in both London and Birmingham initially. Designers can choose to attend either one of the Seminars separately but for maximum impact they are best attended as a pair. The lecturer will be Nicole Bachmann whose previous work for the BJA has been very well received. Bachmann is a founding partner of Haywood Mann which runs and designs tailored leadership and performance development programmes for a variety of organisations across Europe. In addition to her professional duties, Nicole is a visiting lecturer for the Business and Management Training Centre at the University of Essex Business School, a fellow of the Institute for Independent Business International and a founding member of the International Association of Coaches. Her published works include Speaking Volumes, Business Wise and Unprecedented. Bachmann’s message to designers is simple. “You are a Jewellery Designer. You are a Jeweller. You are an Artist. You are a Crafts Person; fantastic and well done for getting this far.  However, if you are not also a business person, the likelihood of you being able to make a living out of your passion is not very high. Because you are the Business,” she says. Topics covered in the seminars will be extremely comprehensive and will include everything from channels to market, to understanding your customer and coming up with an action plan. You will also discover how to close a sale, the difference between price and value and how to have fun whilst you are selling. A full list of the subjects to be covered and a booking form to take part are available now on the BJA website. “Nicole is a fabulous and motivational speaker and feedback from attendees at her previous seminars has been extremely positive.  We know that these days will provide a great opportunity for  designers and those running small businesses to get to grips with topics which are for many creative people hard to put into practice,” says the BJA’s Lindsey Straughton.  Day 1 30/06/14              BJA Birmingham                     Marketing your Business 01/07/14    Central London                     Marketing your Business Including: Defining your market • Identifying your ideal customers • Researching where to find them • Building a marketing strategy • Coming up with an action plan Day 2 29/07/14     BJA, Birmingham                      Selling successfully 31/07/14     Central London                       Selling successfully Including: Understanding your customer • Discovering customer needs • Selling solutions • The difference between price and value • Talking benefits at all time •Closing & having fun doing it! The Seminars cost £97 per day. All days are running from 10.00am. Contact Lindsey Straughton 0121 237 1110  for further information.



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