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Hazel Rose, wins Assay Office Birmingham prize for best commercial design at the School of Jewellery Design for Industry  Event.  She has also just gained a BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing.

Hazel Rose & Marion Wilson

Hazel is a young enthusiastic and talented jeweller who has had a passion for designing and making as long as she can remember using any materials to hand even found objects. She is now about to further her career and face the challenges of starting her own business. Originally taking inspiration from the fluid organic forms in nature and then the contrasting rectilinear shapes of the urban environment, she then moved on to her most recent designs which reflects her Scottish upbringing with a Celtic theme inspiring her current collection. The Hero piece, ‘Tradition with a Twist’  a one off multi-functional very versatile detachable silver pendant, opens to reveal a single working spinning top which can also be worn as a pendant. Hazel likes jewellery with a function, an object with a playful fun aspect reminiscent of her childhood games. Colour too features in this piece with the vibrant reds of the semi-precious stones on one side and cool blues/greens on the opposite, to mirror ones mood.

Traditon with a Twist

It is this theme which Hazel intends to develop in her future designs and push the spinning top idea further incorporating more interchangeable tops to give more choice and variety to the user depending on the occasion. Oran’s Collection

Oran's Collection Earrings

A highly wearable, skilfully designed, contemporary silver collection using the latest technology. A tool which gives scope to Hazel’s creativity in a way that frees her from the constraints and limitations of hand making designs. The abstract clean edged geometric structure of the designs would not be easy to create using traditional method.  Hazel always hand finishes and sets the stones in the pieces to a high standard. Oran’s Collection includes a variety of earrings (including studs, drop and hook), large and small pendants, and a ring. Hazel is currently working on other designs for a bracelet and necklace.

Oran's Ring

Hazel is extremely grateful to Assay Office Birmingham for the monetary prize she received during the recent Industry Evening held at The Birmingham School of Jewellery. Any enquiries email: Many Congratulations to Hazel from everyone here at Assay Office Birmingham.




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