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AnchorCert Showcard

AnchorCert Gem Lab's Diamond characteristic's Showcards have been spotted in many retailers across the country by our sales team and now the showcard has just gotten better! The classy new showcards have been redesigned to include an explanation of the features of the cut which affect the appearance and quality of the diamond. The Showcard is an invaluable selling tool for staff, particularly when they are trying to explain the difference between two diamonds which helps them to sell up.

We have featured images of the 'Ideal Cut' and how the cut affects the light reflection and the beauty of the stone. Plus a detailed diagram naming all the individual facets and illustrations which accompany the clarity scale.

The all important 4C's, carat, cut, colour and clarity scales still remain on the reverse of the characteristics card.


splinters 2014

ALSO NEW – AnchorCert Gem Lab has produced a Consumer Leaflet for Retailers -”Splinters From The Stars” The leaflet is consumer friendly and gives customers an explaination of the essential 4 C's and the different types of AnchorCert Gem Lab Reports that are available. The leaflet is designed to help give your customers a Guide to Choosing A Diamond.


AnchorCert Gem Lab customers can obtain a showcard and batch of Splinters From The Stars leaflet free of charge by emailing Not currently an AnchorCert customer but would like to invest in these useful selling tools? You can purchase a showcard for just £5.00 plus £1.50 postage and we will also offer a batch of complimentary leaflets.

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If you would like any more information on the AnchorCert Gem Lab range of services call us on Tel: 0871 871 6020, email or visit our website



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